Le Smoking

Verile and feminine at the same time, the tuxedo epitomises timeless chic. With a nod toward the visionary YSL, Baz Inc has reinterpreted a classic, crafted from rich, luxurious stretch velvet, in an array of moody hues.

Le Smoking handed women their own version of a suit, previously reserved for society's dominant males and in so, marked a shift in attitude toward gender differentiation in fashion. The tuxedo carries a certain attitude and sense of power that has remained timeless. 

Drawing on the dynamism of Le Smoking, Baz Inc has created a line of limited edition, made-to-order jackets, where structure meets the comfort of stretch, and the cut transcends style and place. Pre-order your size from 6-16, made locally in Sydney. Orders close 10 June 2020 for delivery in 3 weeks, or order at a later date upon request.